Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kids' bedroom and playroom

This is the view from the door of the new bedroom. The room is cream colored, but the flash might not show that very well. The rocking chair might have to go once we start using the crib for the baby. It's a little crowded in here.

This is the back part of the room (beds behind me). I used spice racks from Ikea to make book shelves that Eddie can reach himself. I put some cute outfits on the hooks.
 This is the baby's side of the room. The "C" has a little crab on it. The "My First Year" picture frames and the piggy banks (really just mason jars with fancy lids) are on the shelf.
This is Eddie's side of the room. The "E" has an elephant on it. He has two sets of sheets: dinosaurs and Thomas the Train. Stuffed animals are in a basket at the foot of the bed.
This is the playroom. It used to be Eddie's room, so there is still some nursery decorations up. I've moved the toy box in here, and Gail gave us a toy kitchen and play table. Eddie loves the table! I put vehicle decals on the wall. The changing area is still in here, but I've organized the toys better. Only half of the toys are out, though. The rest are stuffed in the closet. I rotate toys every month or so.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Learning to Sew

I accomplished something from my 35 before 35 list, and I love it! I learned how to sew so that I could make this fabric birthday bunting. The letters are felt, which I cut free hand, and the colorful squares are quilters quarters. I plan to use this bunting for every birthday. The reverse side says "Congratulations." Awesome, isn't it?

P.S. Thanks Mom, for all your help!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cloth Diaper Addiction

I've found my new favorite website:


Not only does this website have a ton of helpful product reviews, but they also have a mouth-watering number of giveaways. I swear, I'm entering nearly every one. I'm particularly excited about the Under the Cover giveaways. Prefolds, fitteds, and covers were my first experience with cloth, and while I've branched out to include pockets, I still love my covers!

Two of the giveaways are sponsored by Natural Family Supplies. Check them out, they have a lot of great stuff, like the Osocozy fitted diapers that I'm hoping to win!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Do something "green"

I can cross an item off of my 35-before-35 list! My contribution to the green movement is a commitment to use cloth diapers most of the time. I had been testing cloth diapers for a few months, and I decided to up my commitment when he grew to the next size. Previously, I had only used prefolds, the cheapest option. This time, I bought a wider variety of cloth diapers, including pocket diapers, prefolds, fitteds, etc. I also bought some flushable diaper liners.
There are tons of benefits to cloth diapers--they are cost effective, environmentally friendly, and healthier for Eddie's sensitive skin. The only downsides are that I do a bit more laundry and limit how many cute diapers I can buy. My favorites are the one-size puppy diaper and the tattoo-print cover. So cute!

Monday, January 24, 2011

35 Before 35

My 35 before 35 list is finally finished! Some I expect will be easy peasy. Others, unlikely. Creating this list was actually a bit of a soul-searching experience. Notice that "Polar bear plunge" made the list, but "sing karaoke" did not. I wonder what that says about me?

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. See a musical in New York
  3. Take a girls vacation
  4. Go fishing
  5. Learn to sew and make something I can use
  6. Host a party
  7. Use my passport
  8. Go see a movie at the theater—by myself
  9. Grow my own veggies
  10. Refinish a piece of furniture
  11. Finish the four work-in-progress scrapbooks
  12. Take a class for enjoyment
  13. Visit a fortune teller/palm reader/psychic
  14. Donate blood
  15. Get CPR certified
  16. Have a real Christmas tree
  17. Get a hot stone massage
  18. Go to the ballet
  19. Submit a scrapbook layout to a magazine
  20. Make a wedding photo album
  21. Take Eddie to the beach and focus on having fun, not being in a bathing suit
  22. Attend ISU homecoming or alumni weekend (maybe these are the same?)
  23. Bake a cake I am proud of
  24. Dye my hair blonde
  25. Sell something on Ebay
  26. Return to Bass Lake, my old summer home
  27. Maintain a blog
  28. Go unplugged for one week
  29. Polar bear plunge
  30. Go on a picnic
  31. Volunteer somewhere new
  32. Pay for someone else at a drive thru or checkout line
  33. Do something "green"
  34. Participate in Operation Beautiful (http://operationbeautiful.com/)
  35. Learn to drive a stick shift

So, fingers crossed that I can get all of this done in the next four years. Anyone drive a stick shift?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A work in progress

After hearing Val explain the concept of a 30 before 30 list, I decided to take her advice and create a 35 before 35 list. It's harder than I thought it would be. I have a few in the unlikely-to-ever-happen category, and a few in the easy-peasy category. It's the middle category, where I'd have to stretch myself just enough, that I have problems with. Any suggestions?

I Googled 30 before 30 to see what other people have come up with. I was amazed. And I concluded that I must be one of the most boring people EVER. Most of these lists are filled with international experiences and risky endeavors that I scoff to even picture myself doing. Hitchhike around the world? Learn Indonesian? Mine opals in the Australian outback? Seriously? Who has time to do all that? Who has the money to do all that? I must be poor, too.

So does anyone have suggestions for a 35 before 35 list? Besides living in Bali for a month or bicycling from Canada to Mexico city, that is.

The Mom of the Year award goes to....

As some of you may know, I become a horrible person if I do not shower within 24 hours of my last shower. This rarely coincides with the schedule of a new mommy. About an hour ago, I reached exceeded that limit. Eddie did not want to sleep or be alone, and I needed a shower. So, I put the travel swing in the bathroom.

Yep, that's right. On some days, Eddie swings in the bathroom while I shower. Sometimes I'll use the bouncer, but he likes the swing better. I usually can get 15 minutes before he starts to fuss. Today, I got a leisurely shower. He'd fallen asleep in the swing.

So where is my little man right now? He's sleeping. In the bathroom.