Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kids' bedroom and playroom

This is the view from the door of the new bedroom. The room is cream colored, but the flash might not show that very well. The rocking chair might have to go once we start using the crib for the baby. It's a little crowded in here.

This is the back part of the room (beds behind me). I used spice racks from Ikea to make book shelves that Eddie can reach himself. I put some cute outfits on the hooks.
 This is the baby's side of the room. The "C" has a little crab on it. The "My First Year" picture frames and the piggy banks (really just mason jars with fancy lids) are on the shelf.
This is Eddie's side of the room. The "E" has an elephant on it. He has two sets of sheets: dinosaurs and Thomas the Train. Stuffed animals are in a basket at the foot of the bed.
This is the playroom. It used to be Eddie's room, so there is still some nursery decorations up. I've moved the toy box in here, and Gail gave us a toy kitchen and play table. Eddie loves the table! I put vehicle decals on the wall. The changing area is still in here, but I've organized the toys better. Only half of the toys are out, though. The rest are stuffed in the closet. I rotate toys every month or so.


Julie said...

Mandy, I LOVE what you did with the boys' room, and I love being able to "see" it through the blog!

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