Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to Make a Princess

I'm not used to having so much free time. It's great, but I started running out of things to do about two weeks ago. So, I downloaded a DOS emulator so I could play some of my old computer games and maybe try some new ones. This blog is about one of those new games. It's called Princess Maker 2. Seriously.

First, you need some background about this game. It's from the early 90s and is a strategy game. Basically, you play a hero who was given a daughter by the gods, and it's up to you to raise her from the ages of 10-18. Her future is determined by the skills you've given her. There are over 74 careers, with various marriage options. Her skills are modified through school, work, adventuring, or buying things. Now, here are some things about the game that I found interesting...

Science class makes intelligence go up, but morals go down.
If she has a cool career, like Hero Warrior, her husband is described as "strong-willed."
If she has a dumb career, like Maid, her husband is "intellectual and dependable."
Working in a bar makes her dumb, and working in sleazy bar might get her a sugar daddy.
Too much charisma, and she becomes a prostitute. Too little, and no one will marry her.
She won't fit into the special princess dresses unless she weighs 85 lbs. or less.

I had to roll my eyes and/or chuckle at some of these features, and there are even more that I didn't list. Yes, the feminism in this game is just what you'd expect from a game called Princess Maker. So why do I play it? Because it's really challenging figuring out which skills to mess with so that she gets the ultimate evil ending, the Princess of Darkness.