Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cloth Diaper Addiction

I've found my new favorite website:

Not only does this website have a ton of helpful product reviews, but they also have a mouth-watering number of giveaways. I swear, I'm entering nearly every one. I'm particularly excited about the Under the Cover giveaways. Prefolds, fitteds, and covers were my first experience with cloth, and while I've branched out to include pockets, I still love my covers!

Two of the giveaways are sponsored by Natural Family Supplies. Check them out, they have a lot of great stuff, like the Osocozy fitted diapers that I'm hoping to win!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Do something "green"

I can cross an item off of my 35-before-35 list! My contribution to the green movement is a commitment to use cloth diapers most of the time. I had been testing cloth diapers for a few months, and I decided to up my commitment when he grew to the next size. Previously, I had only used prefolds, the cheapest option. This time, I bought a wider variety of cloth diapers, including pocket diapers, prefolds, fitteds, etc. I also bought some flushable diaper liners.
There are tons of benefits to cloth diapers--they are cost effective, environmentally friendly, and healthier for Eddie's sensitive skin. The only downsides are that I do a bit more laundry and limit how many cute diapers I can buy. My favorites are the one-size puppy diaper and the tattoo-print cover. So cute!